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San Antonio Bed Bug Treatment ExpertAre you looking for the lowest cost San Antonio bed bug treatment? Our bed bug pesticide treatment is right for you! We will get rid of the bed bugs for you at an affordable price.

Bed bug treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. Find out more about our low-cost bed bug treatment below.

San Antonio Bed Bug Treatment Using Pesticide

San Antonio Bed Bug Treatment Pesticide SprayBed bug treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. There is more than one way to treat for bed bugs. The Heat Treatment kills the bed bugs much faster than the pesticide spray alone. The pesticide treatment does work if it is done correctly. If the proper pesticides are used the treatment can be effective. Two or more treatments are often necessary when relying on pesticide alone.

How long does it take to kill the bugs with pesticide?

It can take 30 days or longer to kill all the bed bugs unless the heat treatment is used. Pesticide can not be applied absolutely everywhere. It can only be applied in certain places in the home

What is the correct way to do bed bug treatment with pesticide?

You can not treat bed bugs on your own. This is not a do it yourself project. We have customers who tried treating their bed bugs for years before finally giving up and calling us. Even if you use the correct pesticide, you will likely fail unless you are experienced like the San Antonio Bed Bug Treatment Crew. I can not disclose exactly how we perform our pesticide treatment for bed bugs unless you hire us for treatment.

What pesticides are effective against bed bugs?

Bed bugs are resistant to most types of pesticides. They are highly resistant to pyrethroid pesticides. Pyrethroid pesticides are those whose active ingredients are a synthetic version of pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a natural plant based pesticide. There are hundreds of different pyrethroid pesticides. Pyrethroids are the most commonly used pesticides today. They are also the least expensive and least toxic to mammals. If the active ingredient ends in the letters “thrin” then it is a pyrethroid. Some examples of pyrethroids are Permethrin, Cyfluthrin, Deltamethrin, Bifenthrin to name a few. On most of the labels for pyrethroid pesticide it states the following statement. “Not to be used as sole defense against bed bugs”. I can not disclose what pesticide we use unless you hire us for treatment.

How many times should the pesticide treatment be applied?

Often times we kill the infestation with a single pesticide treatment. Other times it takes two or three treatments to eliminate the bed bugs for good. Some companies come out on a schedule of every 14 days or so for three treatments. Each time you have to prepare your home for treatment. Each time you have to remove linens and wash and dry them. Each time you have to be out of the house to allow pesticide to dry. We do things differently. We care about you. We try to disrupt your life as little as possible. Contact the San Antonio bed bug treatment crew today to solve your problem for good.

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