Bed Bug Heat Treatment San Antonio and Austin Texas

Bed Bug Treatment San Antonio MascotIf you want the quickest and most effective bed bug treatment in San Antonio or Austin areas, then you are on the right webpage. Our heat treatment kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less. We also include an 18 month bed bug warranty if we heat the entire structure for single family homes.

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How does the Bed Bug Heat Treatment work?

Our bed bug heat treatment is the only way to kill all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less. This heat is dry, not like that produced from steamers. The dry heat fills the entire space to reach all of the areas bed bugs and eggs are hiding. The heat goes through mattresses, box springs, and couches. The heat penetrates into the cracks and joints of wooden furniture like bed frames, bunk beds, and bedside tables. These are many areas that bed bugs hide and lay their eggs. The heat also will reach under carpets and rugs and into the cracks of wooden and tile floors. Bed bugs will also hide in wall hangings and window treatments such as curtains. As the heat fills the entire space it reaches all surfaces of walls, ceiling, and penetrates curtains and other window treatments.

Combining a pesticide treatment with the heat treatment is also an option unless you are opposed to pesticide. This is included with the heat treatment unless you indicate to us that you don’t want pesticide. This will give you protection against bed bugs that might somehow escape the heat or that are re-introduced into the home after the heat treatment.

Why is pesticide alone less effective than the Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

  1. Bed bugs are resistant to many pesticides.
    1. Only certain pesticides will have any effect on the bed bug population.
    2. Store bought bed bug pesticide and bombs are ineffective and actually make the problem worse.
  2. Pesticides can only be applied in certain areas.
    1. It takes weeks for the bed bugs to come in contact with the pesticide.
  3. Bed Bug eggs are not killed by pesticide.
    1. It takes weeks for the newly hatched bed bugs to come in contact with the pesticide.
  4. Depending on the type of pesticide used, bed bugs can often avoid the sprayed areas.

What kind of equipment is used to do the Heat Treatment?

We use equipment that is made to perform bed bug treatment. It is equipped with safety devices to ensure safe operation. the sensors will automatically turn off the machine if a problem occurs.  The heaters are also equipped with thermostats to keep the temperature right on target. One the heaters reach the target temperature, they automatically cycle off. They cycle back on when the temperature drops a few degrees so that temperature is kept in the proper range.

Are the bed bug heaters left unattended?

Never! We constantly monitor our equipment while it is operating. We don’t believe it is safe to leave any type of bed bug heater unattended wile operating even if remote temperature sensors are placed in the rooms. Our technicians typically work in teams for safety and accountability.

Bed Bug Treatment Infographic

Watch the video below to see our bed bug heat treatment in action.

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